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An Open Source Library
of Round-world Computational Primitives

User Guide and Reference Manual - C language implementation)


The traditional method of numerical representation of geographic coordinates consists of angular latitude and longitude (φ and λ, respectively). This coordinate form is ill-suited for processing on a digital computer. Specifically, the implementer of any application that handles large volumes of wide area geographic data must find a solution to three fundamental software engineering problems:

Nemo library is a collection of C-language functions, that provides a path to the solution of those problems. It may work effectively for a large number of wide area or global geographical applications that are built using the following design strategy:

Effective use of the Library requires the unsrestanding of computational domains and coordinate systems used in geographical data processing.

API header file


Library Sections

Section 1:   Elementary programming algorithms
Section 2:   Simple Algebra and Geometry
Section 3:   Spherical surface geometry productions
Section 4:   NCS concise direction cosine (CDC) encoding and decoding
Section 5:   Ellipsoid geometry and NCS/CFS/ellipsoid transformations
Section 6:   Sphere to plane mapping and "un-mapping"

Alphabetical List of Library Functions

nemo_ArcToChordApprox()   Arc to approximate chord
nemo_ArcV3()   Spherical arc
nemo_Cc3ToEnr()   3D radius vector to ellipsoid normal
nemo_CfsToEnr()   Conformal sphere to ellipsoid normal
nemo_ChordSqToArcApprox()   Square chord to approximate arc
nemo_ConicalDirect()   NCS to Conical map plane
nemo_ConicalInit()   Initialize conical projection
nemo_ConicalInverse()   Conical map plane to NCS
nemo_Dcos3ToLatLong()   Generic 3D vector to latitude/longitude
nemo_DeQueue()   Remove node from a queue
nemo_DirectionToAzimuth()   Azimuth (angle) from direction cosines
nemo_EllToNcs()   Ellipsoid latitude/longitude to NCS
nemo_EllipsoidChordDirect()   Direct problem of geodesy on ellipsoid
nemo_EllipsoidChordInverse()   Second problem of geodesy on ellipsoid
nemo_EllipsoidPrincipalRadii()   Meridian and Prime Vertical radii
nemo_EllipsoidRadius()   General ellipsoid curvature radius
nemo_ElrInit()   Initialize the ellipsoid parameters
nemo_ElrWgs84()   Provide static WGS84 ellipsoid parameters
nemo_EnQueue()   Add node to queue end
nemo_EnrToCc3()   Ellipsoid normal to 3D radius vector
nemo_EnrToCfs()   Ellipsoid normal to conformal sphere
nemo_EnrToNcs()   Ellipsoid normal to near conformal sphere
nemo_GeodesicVincenty()   Geodesic length using Vincenty formulae
nemo_GnomonicDirect()   NCS to Gnomonic map plane
nemo_GnomonicInit()   Initialize Gnomonic projection
nemo_GnomonicInverse()   Gnomonic map plane to NCS
nemo_LatLongToDcos3()   Latitude/longitude to generic vector
nemo_MeridianArcLength()   Meridian arc length
nemo_MidV3()   Find mid-vector in 3D space
nemo_NcsElrRadius()   Return ellipsoid radius for an NCS point
nemo_NcsElrScale()   Return mapping scale between NCS abd ellipsoid
nemo_NcsToEll()   NCS to ellipsoid latitude/longitude
nemo_NcsToEnr()   NCS to ellipsoid normal
nemo_NcsToU64()   NCS (3 doubles) to CDC (U8 integer)
nemo_NormalizeV2()   Normalize generic two-componenet vector
nemo_NormalizeV3()   Normalize generic three-componenet vector
nemo_OrthographicDirect()   NCS to Ortographic map plane
nemo_OrthographicInit()   Initialize ortographic projection
nemo_OrthographicInverse()   Ortographic map plane to NCS
nemo_PeekBottom()   Peek the stack bottom node
nemo_PeekTop()   Peek the stack top node
nemo_Pop()   Pop a node from stack
nemo_Push()   Push a node to stack
nemo_QueueInit()   Initialize stack anchor
nemo_QueuePeekFirst()   Peek the queue first node
nemo_QueuePeekLast()   Peek the queue last node
nemo_QueueSize()   Report the number of nodes in the queue
nemo_QueueVerify()   Verify queue
nemo_RandomLocal()   Generate regional random point on unit sphere
nemo_SphereChordCoords()   Spherical Abscissa and Ordinate
nemo_SphereChordDirect()   Direct problem of geodesy on sphere
nemo_SphereChordInverse()   Inverse problem of geodesy on sphere
nemo_SphereCircumcenter()   Find spherical circumcenter
nemo_SphereRandomLine()   Generate random line on unit sphere
nemo_SphereRandomLocation()   Generate a random location on unit sphere
nemo_SphereSegsXsct()   Intersection of two great circle segments
nemo_SphereTangentialPlane()   Principal vectors of tangential plane
nemo_StackInit()   Initialize stack anchor
nemo_StackInvert()   Inverted the order of nodes in a stack
nemo_StackSize()   Report the number of nodes on the stack
nemo_StackVerify()   Verify stack
nemo_StereographicDirect()   NCS to Stereographic map plane
nemo_StereographicInit()   Initialize Stereographic projection
nemo_StereographicInverse()   Stereographic map plane to NCS
nemo_StylindricalDirect()   NCS to Stylindrical map plane
nemo_StylindricalInit()   Initialize Stylindrical projection
nemo_StylindricalInverse()   Stylindrical map plane to NCS
nemo_U64ToNcs()   CDC (U8 integer) to NCS (3 doubles)
nemo_WorkMemAvailable()   Report the current size of free space
nemo_WorkMemCheck()   Check availability of workspace block
nemo_WorkMemGet()   Allocate workspace block
nemo_WorkMemInit()   Initialize workspace instance
nemo_WorkMemRevert()   Revert the state of workspace instance.
nemo_WorkMemUsedMax()   Report life-time maximum workspace use

The content of this Reference Manual matches the Nemo Library source code published on date specified as NEMO_LIBRARY_DATE literal in the preamble of the included API header file, i.e., the date in the reference manual nemo.h and library source nemo.h must be the same.

Nemo Library is distributed in C language source code form, under 'BSD type' license, the full text of which can be found in the "license.text" file, co-resident with the source code files in the distribution archive. The text of license, with a short commentary, can be inspected here.

This Reference Manual is published under Creative Commons BY-ND 4.0 license. Author: Hrvoje Lukatela